Heinrich Benjamin is a photographer born and based in Berlin. Represented by 2Productions and CCA in Cape Town.

He studied photography in munich and works on different personal and commissioned projects between Cape Town and Berlin. 

Current book project: "impression fashion makes" 


+49 152 15 15 67 28
Friedrichshain, Berlin

South Africa:

Felix Court 17
Cape Town


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 - Exhibitions

   Imal, Pathos, Halle 6, GoetheInstitut, Werkschauen HM, Abschlussausstellung Roter Würfel,

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Karl Newedel
Sebastian Stiphout
Rainer Viertlböck
Andreas Strohmaier
Eike Schleef
Susanne Dittrich
Dan Carabas
Bernd Opitz
Thorsten Jochim
Florian Jaenicke
Benjamin Kaufmann
Marco Secco
Axl Jansen
Gavin Goodman
Stephanie Pfänder
Caroline Macintosh